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Walmart Credit Card Balance Check | Credit Card Online Payment | Update Account | Lost Credit Card | Walmart Password Reset

I took a guess north, you all might be looking for one place all about Walmart Credit Card information

  • How do I check Walmart Credit Card Balance Online?
  • Walmart Credit Card online Payment options
  • Phone Numer & Address update to your Walmart Credit Card
  • Report a robbed /misplaced Walmart Credit Card
  • How to Reset forgotten Walmart Credit Card Password?

I’m going to address all the above points below.Walmart Credit Card Payment

Walmart Credit Card

The very best discount wanted to Walmart bank credit card users is the two 2.86% rewards with purchase of gas with the store. While this is an extremely restricting advantage, it is probably the best someone with bad credit can get. The Walmart(R) MasterCard(R) will also get you a 1% cost savings on all said purchased, no matter where they are created. In case your FICO rating is below 630, there are most likely few options that provide you with discount rates that are as effective as this, and without total annual charge.

If you’d like better gas cost savings, find out if you meet the criteria for cards offering between 3% and 5% back again on these acquisitions. The Walmart(R) credit-based card (Credit Card) options are best for folks with low scores on credits who can’t progress rewards bank cards elsewhere. They offer decent 0% funding options plus some cost savings on gas buys.

Walmart offers decent 0% funding options plus some cost savings on all purchased at gas stations.

Check Walmart Credit Card Balance

Walmart Credit Card balance check can be done in two ways, online and offline.

How do I check Walmart Credit Card Balance Online?

This is pretty simple, click on the below image to go to the official Credit Card site. Then login to the site with the User ID. From there you can navigate to the Balance tab and have your current balance Displayed on the next tab.

How to check Walmart Credit Card Balance

Verizon Customer Support Phone Number

Kmart Employee Login Guide

How do I check Walmart Credit Card Balance Offline?

  • Walmart Money center:

Inside Walmart Local store you will find a Money Center, you can manually have your credit card balance checked with the Money Center. Payments against your credit card are also done at money centers.

Walmart Credit Card Payments

Walmart Credit card holders can pay their Credit cards in more than one way.

  • Online Payments
  • Offline Payments
  • CheckFree Portal

Walmart Online Credit Card Payment is very much simple as it gets. Above are the ways you can make the credit card payments.

Walmart Credit Card online Payment optionsWalmart Credit Card Online Payment

  • Login into Walmart credit card website
  • After you log in with the registered User ID
  • Navigate to make payments now
  • Continue with the payment procedure


  • Your User ID must be registered for Walmart Credit Card portal.
  • Payment will be showing up on your account after 2-3 business days

Walmart Credit Card Payment Offline

Three ways to pay credit card offline

  • Pay Through phone
  • Pay at Walmart Store
  • Pay with mailing service

Pay through phone

You can pay the credit card bill with the phone using the debit card using the Speedpay portal.

For Walmart Credit Card payments dial: 1-877-294-7880

For Walmart MasterCard payments dial: 1-866-611-1148

Pay at Walmart Stores

Visit any nearest Walmart stores to make the payment of your credit card @ Walmart Customer Service Desk

If you are Sam’s Club registered member you can make the payment of credit card at Sam’s Club customer service desk.

Note: Payments made at the store will be shown within 1-2 business days.

Pay Credit card with mail service

To send the payment through mailing. Mail your payment to below address:

For Credit Card payments

Address: Walmart/SYNCB, PO Box 530927, Atlanta, GA 30353-0927

For Master Card payments

Address: Walmart MasterCard/SYNCB, PO Box 960024, Orlando, FL 32896-0024

Checkfree Portal

Credit Card payments can also be made with Checkfree Web portal 

Make you have registered with CheckFree portal and make the payment.

Phone Number & Address update to your Walmart Credit Card Account

Update your personnel information at Walmart web portal

  • Login to the site with valid User ID.
  • You will now see the home page of the website on the web portal.
  • On the “Account Summary” Tab Click on “Update Personnel information”
  • If you got any queries feel free to address your queries at 1-877-294-7880.
  • 24 x 7 customer service is available for the phone

Report a robbed or misplaced Walmart Credit Card

If your credit card is stolen or you think its not seen to found anywhere, make sure you block and get a new credit card replaced. There are chanced of even having your credit card information hacked, or if you even feel like your credit card is misbehaving or any auto responses that you observe please make sure you get the credit card replaced with new number/ new mock card.
Two ways to get a new credit card

  • You can request through web portal
  • Call the 24 x 7 available customer support agent.

Request for a new card online

  • login to the Credit card online web portal
  • click on “Account summary” 
  • And then click on “Request Replacement Card”

Request new credit card via phone call

Call Walmart at  1-877-294-7880 and a replacement card via phone.


  • Make sure you get the missing credit card blocked ASAP.

How to Reset forgotten Walmart Credit Card Password?

Reset Forgotten Walmart Credit Card Password

Simple steps to reset your Credit Card Password:

  • Enter the User ID on the Walmart Login page and click on “Sign in now”
  • On the very next page click on Password Reset Link “Reset Password”
  • It will then navigate you to enter the Security Question that you enter at the point of registration process.
  • Also enter the account information as asked by the web portal.
  • Now, you will be able to reset the password of Walmart credit card easily.

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