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Subway Subcard

Subway Subcard Rewards Card App

Subway Subcard is well-establishing foods producing firm as we all know. When you buy something, make it worth for the next time. What I mean is register for a Subway Subcard earn reward points on your each purchase. These reward point can be redeemed to get free food at Subway.

You get a spot for each buck you may spend, with change $.50 and over rounding up. After that, you can use those tips to redeem for things such as potato chips, cookies, sandwiches, salads, etc. Most of us forget to register Subway Subcard after the first swipe, this way we lose the bonus points that are to be credited into our accounts. More importantly, we get 50 bonus reward points on the registration of Subcards.

To be honest, I lose my more than and 500 reward points because I forgot to register. I have also seen many people just swiping and not completing registration which leads to losing of the points available 😛

Please do not do the thing I did here. Let me help you out how to register for a Subway Subcard online here.

How do I register for Subway Subcard?

Registration is a quite simple just matter of knowing how to do it. But I will let you know how to do that. So, just relax and have a good read.

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Two ways to do process the registration

  • Online Registration
  • Offline Registration

Online Registration

Users can process the online registration as per the country, click here to perform the registration process:

Online Registration form might vary from country to another. Here I got one sample screenshot for the registration page for you.

Register Subway Card and Get 50 Points

woo! looks quite a big from there, but trust me just a few minutes on this and get all the benefit reward points 🙂

Registration form reads to enter Card Number, Access Code, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email, Contact, Zip Code, IVRS and updates of new offers via Emails or simple text messages, Password Confirmation and End user agreement.

And then Submit to complete the registration process.

Once you completed the registration, consider you will be getting all reward points added to your number.

Register your Subcard here

Offline Registration

Call Subway @ 1-800-888-4848 to register your card offline

New offer buzzing around right now is Subway Sub Squad! Don’t worry I will let you know all the details about how this SubSquad thing works exclusively for you.

How do Subway SubSquad works?

We can consider Subsquad as another level of Subcards, yes! that’s how it works.

How to Activate Subway Card

That allows you as well as your friends to get more credits on the group purchases as well. Provided the squad size can be

  • Minimum of 2 people
  • Maximum of 9

When you have a Subcard you’ll be able to open th, app and produce a Subsquad.

Now that you have a Subsquad of your own, here is how it works.

If any member of your Subsquad makes any purchase at subway. All the people in the squad will be notified as there was some purchase made by some participant in the group.

Now, the system gives all the users 4 hours time to buy as much as they can. What happens with this purchase? 50 reward points will be added on each purchase they make. That is how we make more reward point with the Subsquad system. Cool isn’t it? Yes I guess.

Download Subway app from Google PlayStore

Download Subway App for iOS

There are some added perks to it as well. Let me list them for you.

  • If you are member of one Subsquad team, you cannot be on another subsquad at the same time
  • Most you can get for 4 hours is 50 points
  • Stacking up does not work for bonus points cause of one window operation for every 4 hours
  • Max Bonus points per day is 6 i.e., 24/4

If you got any queries about all the above, please let me know I will help you resolve with it.

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